A short guide to building an author website

You've written your book. 

Now you need a website.

But all you face is questions. What content should you include? How often must you update it? Should you be on Facebook and Twitter? If so, how can you integrate those efforts with your website? How can you involve your publisher? And, most pressing of all: where -- and how -- do you start?

This brief manual, written by a longtime publishing veteran who now builds websites for authors, is designed to help you conceive, plan, and create your own unique presence online. It's not a technical book but instead focuses on the large questions that all writers must wrestle with as they plan their website: Who do you want to be online? What do you want to do there? And where do you start?

A central premise of the The Author Online is that anyone who can write a book is capable of building his own website. New technology and open source innovations make it easy, affordable, and even fun – a creative act unto itself. But like writing a book, it requires thoughtful and careful planning.

The book is filled with ideas, advice, and real-world examples. It also includes results from the first and only comprehensive survey of author websites and invaluable insights into:

the features readers look for on their favorite author websites

whether to use social media, how to approach tools like Twitter or Facebook in an authentic, effective way, and the role your website can play in other online forums

when and how to work with designers and/or programmers

how to create a content plan for your site

how to use analytic data as an editorial tool

Whether you're building your first website or are planning to overhaul your current site, The Author Online is an invaluable reference and guide. 

124 pages | Paperback: $11.00 | eBook: $7.99


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