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Special Sandvox Discount Code

Sandvox is one of the best tools available for designing and building your own website and it's easier to use than Microsoft Word. I built this site using Sandvox, and have helped other authors create their own sites with it (see the Author Websites section for some examples). You need no technical expertise, just a bit of patience, and in a weekend you can be up and running. Even better: you can make changes and updates whenever you want, and the award-winning software is fully optimized for SEO (search engine optimization) and the creators have made it extremely easy to register your website and connect it to Google Analytics and other important tools.

There are dozens of free customizable templates, and an increasing number of elegantly crafted premium sites that can be purchased for as little as $10. In a recent upgrade Sandvox improved its video capability and videos can now be easily seamlessly added to any page of a website-- read more here.

Visit to download the software and get started. The software costs $79.99, but with the special Author Online discount of 15% — use the code above — the price is $68.00.

Note: Sandvox is only available for the Mac.

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